Fang, Min
Managing Director

2003 International Gold Star Award

Fang Fang Group has been developing over more than a decade to have become an owner of Real Estate Co., Hotel, restaurant, Coffee export co., Beauty salon e.t.c, and it has emerged from a small restaurant operation into a multi-national corporation.
Facing severe competition, Fang Fang Group relies on its wise policy and persistent endeavour to have positioned itself as a leading company in the region.

Over the year's development, Fang Fang Group is now considered as an example in the field of business and has been rated as first class in the catering industry, between 1991-2004, the subsidiary company Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant ranked among the leading restaurants in the region. In 2001, the Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant was rated as a top enterprise in the east region of Africa. It was also appraised as a top class company by the Ugandan government in 2002; in 2003, Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant won the International gold star award for quality along with its twin subsidiary Fang Fang Hotel.

The Managing Director Ms. Fang Min was awarded the top woman entrepreneur of 2003 in Uganda. She acts as diplomat, having visited Mainland China, Thailand, Ethiopia, Australia and many other countries in the world and built sound ties with governments as well as business institutes of many countries.

On 26th May 2004, she visited China with His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of the Republic of Uganda and was interviewed by the leaders of CCPC and the country and she successfully fulfilled her weeklong visit.

The General Manager, Mr Dr. Yu Bin has great experience in the hospitality industry and him with the staff have made Fang Fang Group a leading service provider.

Although the company has so far been successful and achieved much, it is never satisfied and it is striving for even greater success.

Plot 9 Ssezibwa Road Kampala.
Tel: +256-414-235 828, +256-414-233 115, +256-414-233 060.
Fax: +256-414-233 620, +256-414-250 422.

Plot 1, Colville Street,
Roof Terrace Communication House, Kampala.
Tel: +256-414-344 806, +256-414-340 067, +256-312-260 681.
Our garden shall be your ideal destination to find a relaxed mind. You can enjoy both classical music and modern music while having some Chinese tea or other drinks. It is also a favorite venue for outdoor functions. It can accommodate 1500 guests.
Health club
FANG FANG HOTEL boasts of its unique Chinese traditional medical massage service, including Chinese massage (with medical oil), cupping, scraping and local massage.
Conference room
The conference rooms are all equipped with air-conditioner and high-speed wireless networks.
Business center
The business center of the hotel provides you with all sorts of business service, including information, negotiation, telex, fax, photocopy, translation, Chinese and English typing, etc..